Michoacán, Mexico

Michoacan Organics is a farmer-owned avocado brand founded by Leonel Chavez, a pioneer in organic avocado production in Mexico for 20 years. The group is guided by Leonel's "Farming for Life" approach to agriculture business.

Farming For Life

Systems of farming that create rich soil by supporting the habitat of all life on the farm, including microorganisms, bacteria, fungi, weeds, pests, insects, animals, workers and community.


Persian limes, grown by small farmers and packed in Veracruz, Mexico


Organic papaya grown by a family farm in Colima, Mexico

GlobalG.A.P., Certified Organic

Persian limes, grown and packed from family farm in Veracruz, Mexico

GlobalG.A.P., Certified Organic

Ecological avocados grown by Leonel Chavez and his family in Michoacán, Mexico using biodynamic and permaculture practices

GlobalG.A.P., Certified Organic