Michoacán, Mexico

In fall of 2016 AC Avocados opened its packing facility, AvoProduce, located in the heart of the avocado growing region in Michoacan, Mexico. Alejandro Chavez opened the facility in order to control his value chain from farm to international buyer. As a major grower of organic avocados (his family as well), he has access to his own supply of supreme quality avocados. Like his farm, Alejandro runs a well organized and clean operation focused on top quality.

AC Avocados is a grower/packer of conventional and organic avocados committed to ensuring meticulous packing of world class avocados grown in Michoacan, Mexico.


Conventional avocados sourced locally from small and mid sized farmers in the Michoacan region of Mexico. Packed by AC Avocados.

GlobalG.A.P., SENASICA SAGARPA (Mexico Food Safety)

Ecologically grown avocados using biodynamic and permaculture practices from the farm of packinghouse owner Alejandro Chavez, and other fruit from local farmers.

GlobalG.A.P., Certified Organic