FG, Italy
Privately held Established 1864

Our Story

We are a family firm at its 4th generation producing Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Apulia, Italy. More precisely, our olive trees are in Gargano National Park, the northern part of Apulia: a beautiful land between lake, forest and sea. Our story began in 1864 with Domenico 'Mimmo' Buondioli. The first traces of a Buondioli talk about him and describe him as a "man with a particular care for its olives tree". And maybe it's from here that our surname (and the name of the firm) derives: Buondioli (Buon-di-oli) in italian language literally means "Good-in-Oils". We think that it is due to the fact that the care we always gave to our plants repayed us with such a good olive oil. We never stopped following tradition and we mixed it with innovation: this brought us to be the first olive oil with organic certification in the world!

Mission Statement

Produce ad make the millenary culture of the high quality olive oil being known in all the world.