Introducing Producers Digital

by Diego Bodart

We are proud to introduce Producers Digital, our Digital Media branch that seeks to become the industry leader in social community management and content creation for the Health conscious and agricultural industries.

Based out of Panama, we have access to a bilingual culture that empowers us to have intimate relationships with our producers in Latin America and provide quality English content.

Using Instagram as our main platform we have invested into premium handles such as:

@Healthy @Vegans @Organic @Seeds @Nutrients @Gardening

We will provide these communities with attentive curation and internal Instagram technology to promote those who are truly aligned with the morals encouraged by our vision. With the goal of providing the best community atmospheres for all those who are looking to:

  • Adopt a healthy lifestyle

  • Stay up to speed on Health Trends

  • Learn about Organic Producers

  • Share diet trends

  • Involve themselves in an active conscious community

We invite you to follow our accounts and join us in the quest to fight the pollution of misinformation and poor content that currently governs this media field.