Woodstock Fruit Festival 2017

A Celebration of Fruit and Life in New York

by Raul Moreno

The Woodstock Fruit Festival is an event that takes place in the countryside of upstate New York. It is an event for fruit and health enthusiasts. There is food, music, workshops, sports and more activities to learn, meet new people and entertain yourself.

All of the food served is raw vegan, and is free of oil, salt, sugar and additives; 70% of it is organic. There were extremely delicious sauces everyday to go with the foods, and a wide selection of my favorite exotic fruits like durian, rambutans, mamey, dragonfruit and more.

Fresh Fruit Bowls at the Woodstock Fruit Festival
Fresh Fruit Bowls at the Woodstock Fruit Festival

I am from Panama and one of our favorite fruits is the papaya so it was surprising to find one of the best papayas I have ever tried here. It gives testamente to the advancements in logistics that can transport a highly perishable fresh fruit like papaya all the way to upstate New York in perfect condition.

All of this healthy food induced a natural bliss in which everyone was happy and enjoying the moment without any artificial stimulant, just a high vibrational food experience. At the event I was able to approach anyone and start an exciting conversation about fruits, farming, health or life in general.

It is really inspiring to see how many people are starting to join this amazing community of being a fruit enthusiast, working towards a healthy lifestyle supporting growth of the mind, body and soul.

While I am personally vegan, and the event was strictly raw vegan, the event was inclusive to everyone regardless of dietary decisions. Everyone was there to hang out without judgement and celebrate the abundance of fruits and vegetables that we are blessed with.

The attendees from the event were diverse. Most of the people were from the United States but I also met people from Australia, Scotland, England, Canada, Argentina and even another Panamanian guy who I met for the first time in my life at the event.

I definitely would recommend the fruit festival for anyone who appreciates fruits and vegetables, lives a vegan lifestyle, or just would like a new experience hanging out with amazing, open minded, and kind people coming together to celebrate life.

Durian Fruit at the Woodstock Fruit Festival
Durian Fruit at the Woodstock Fruit Festival