Producers Market: A Platform for Business to Business Agriculture Transaction Internationally

by Keith Agoada

In the coming months we will be launching our trial version of the Producers Market platform!

Producers Market started as an informal conversation more than five years ago between co-founder Chris Robb and I. We were idealistic organic entrepreneurs envisioning an international agriculture trade model with transparency and authenticity from producer to wholesale buyer to consumer.

The vision was rooted in an intent to empower producers and consumers. We have defined "Producer" as individuals and/or businesses who grow, process, pack or add physical value to agricultural products. These are the people that take the greatest risk to create our food. We feel that with the advent of digital and communication technologies, the international trade model is ripe to be turned on its head.

Instead of intermediaries forming walls between farmers and international buyers, we are coming into an era where they are able to sell their goods more directly into international marketplaces. This transition is enabled by smart phone and computer technology that allows producers to share their photos, videos and other content for free, thus providing end consumers the opportunity to connect directly with the people and businesses that are growing and making their food products internationally.

This technological revolution has been made clear when I'm visiting with a farmer in rural Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, or Colombia. The farmers are constantly chatting on WhatsApp or Skype with buyers from Europe, Asia, or North America. They are sending photos of their farm and packed products, and projections of what is going to be harvested. There is a new few of communication happening around the world that never existed in the history of humanity.

These technological innovations over the past 15 years are finally integrating into our agriculture value chain, and it is giving producers the opportunity to make more money, and for consumers to learn more about who is growing their food and making their food products.

It's an exciting time for our industry, and we are happy to be participating via the creation of tools and a platform for producers to make more money on the products they grow and process.