Office Visit from Raw Vegan Pioneer Aris LaTham

by Keith Agoada

Keith Agoada with Dr Aris LaTham
Dr Aris LaTham and Keith Agoada

Today we had the honor of receiving nutritional scientist and chef, Aris LaTham to our office in Panama. Aris is the founder and executive of the Sun Fired Institute. He has been a practicing raw vegan for over 40 years and travels the world educating students interested in the art and science of raw food preparation.

Aris came over to strategize next steps on creating original content for our digital platform. In November, we will be doing a 3-day production of Aris' workshop on preparation techniques and the scientific background to his juices, nut milks, salads, main courses, and desserts.

The production will take place at Aris' new headquarters for the Sun Fired Institute in southern Costa Rica. Aris uses almost entirely fresh ingredients, and organic when possible. Some of his favorite tropical ingredients are plantain, mangos, limes, avocados, pineapple, and exotic fruits. He also uses traditional vegetables like kale, onions, garlic, tomatoes, sweet and hot peppers, which he sources from local farmers in the area.

During his visit Aris prepared for us an amazing salad that featured kale, avocado, onions, and a special ingredient of amaranth flowers. The dressing was prepared in a Vitamix and included hot peppers, tomato, onion, and a bit of fresh orange. Aris also had a juice with him: Lettuce, beets and more hot pepper.

We look forward to sharing more of Aris' original content on our Producers Market platform for all those interested in how to prepare delicious cuisines with fresh ingredients, all raw.

Organic Salad by Dr. Aris
Organic Salad by Dr. Aris