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Sustainably Sourced Palo Santo Products from Ecuador

by Keith Agoada

One Love Holistics

Those who have friends or family who are active in spiritual communities in Latin America and California are certain to have encountered Palo Santo. Palo Santo is regarded as a spiritually cleaning tool to help elevate and cleanse the energy of a physical space. Regardless of if you believe in the spiritual realm, palo santo in my opinion smells amazing and can really activate the physical space.

In the last few years I encountered a company, . The company is commercializing Palo Santo products (sticks, oils and jewelry.) It is a mission driven entity that is truly supporting the producers creating the products. The company is authentically marketing the product lines and communicating their vision and producer stories from their website and Instagram handle.

Below is an expert from their website that provides some background to their product and mission.

"One Love Holistics specializes in artisan handcrafts, sustainably sourced botanicals, & natural lifestyle products gathered from around the world. We believe in creating globally unified micro-economies through the universal art of craft. Adhering to fair trade standards of labor conditions and our materials sourced, we ensure an ethically sound, love-infused, full circle system of commerce from the origin of every product to its final recycle. We give back to the communities that give to us, and work passionately in the cultivation of the highest quality relationships and products. It is through a lovingly dedicated commitment & the power of creative collaboration with all involved, that we continue to push forward the collective vision of One Love Holistics daily.

Palo Santo
Palo Santo