4 Tips for Radiant Skin

Beauty Direct from Nature

by Fiamma Barbieri

Your skin is totally alive! This complex organ is in constant flux, responding to internal and external conditions ranging from psychological to emotional to environmental.

It is truly a blessing that we can understand what is happening in our bodies through our skin. Similarly, we can adopt lifestyle and dietary choices to support shining, radiant skin. Here are just a few:


The consumption of yellow, red, and orange foods—namely fresh fruits and vegetables—both provides our bodies with vital nutrition and benefits our skin.

The body converts beta carotene molecules into vitamin A, supporting the formation and maintenance of skin cells and mucous. Meanwhile, vitamin C plays an essential role in the formation of collagen, along with the two amino acids proline and threonine.

Finally, both beta carotenes and vitamin C have key antioxidant properties. Foods rich in these minerals help our skin to neutralize free radicals, which can otherwise cause changes in the cells and degradation of proteins like collagen and elastin.


While fruits and vegetables contain a good amount of water already, it is always important to consume plenty of liquids throughout the day to support wellness in general and beautiful skin in particular. If you’ve eaten many fatty or starchy foods, you’ll need to consume even more water.


Regular physical activity improves your skin by stimulating blood circulation, and thus oxygenation, which is essential to create a radiant glow. By increasing your body temperature and breaking a good sweat a few times a week, you also help your pores to expand and purify on their own


Soaps: Always wash the face and body with gentle, natural soaps. It’s actually best to choose soaps that don’t make foam, as you do not want to erase the skin’s natural fat layer in its entirety.

Oils: It is recommended to apply only pure and gentle oils to the face. Jojoba oil is an excellent choice, and can also be applied to the rest of the body. Almond or coconut oil are good alternatives if jojoba is too expensive or unavailable.

Masks: In addition to our diet, we can add a little bit of fruit to our face, just like a spa mask. Papaya or banana work well. Just wait for it to dry, then wash it off with plenty of water. Hydratation and freshness, direct from nature!

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