About Us

Producers Market empowers producers; those who grow, process, and add-value to the agriculture system worldwide.

We use digital technology to share their stories and to establish direct sales channels between producers and wholesale buyers globally.

Our vision is for Producers Market to be the sales representative "intermediary" that gains transactional market share by providing the lowest cost solution to global trade.

We believe the global agriculture value chain will be a major driver for the regeneration of our environment, community and culture in the 21st century. It begins with transparency, and authenticity as the key tools to creating trust in an otherwise chaotic business environment.

Innovation in communications, software, database, cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies provide new opportunities to empower producers via direct business relationships and the elimination of cost centers (i.e. middlemen).

"Producers Market integrates technological systems and methodologies into a platform that is relevant for industry use. We are simplifying B2B buyer-seller relationships, and eliminating points of confusion and miscommunication." -Keith Agoada

Who are we?

Instead of a "technology chasing a problem," Producers Market is built on the work of operators and innovators in the global food industry. All the technology being developed is practical and relevant for suppliers and buyers in the industry. The systems are applicable and valuable.

Keith Agoada, CEO has worked in the supply side of the agricultural industry for the past decade initially as founder of commercial urban agriculture firm, Sky Vegetables, and over the last four years in international procurement development roles for UNFI, Global Organics, and Veg Fresh Farms. Keith speaks four languages: English, Spanish, Farmer, and Buyer. He maintains on the ground relationships with leading growers and packers in Mexico, Costa Rica, Colombia, Panama, Argentina, Nicaragua, Bolivia and Peru. Keith's passion for supporting producers is the inspiration for the Producers Market.

Dermot Doherty, CTO served as a software educator at UC Berkeley in the early 2000s and has been writing software ever since. He has architected and contributed to many software projects, such as EuroXchanger, Irish Dictionary Online, Altar Shop, Digital Mandate, iSpaces, Regeneration and Producers Market. Dermot brings extensive experience, leadership, and guidance in the technology space to the company's founders. Dermot has spent the past 17 years building proprietary software projects some of which are being transmuted to form the Producers Market.

Leonel Chavez, Sourcing Manager is a pioneering organic avocado farmer from Michoacán, Mexico. He has been a certified organic farmer for over 15 years and has been pushing the envelope on organic and biodynamic practices in Mexico. He is known in agriculture communities in Mexico and Latin America as a 'rebel' having organized farmers and organic agriculture workshops in his home state of Michoacan and across Mexico. Leonel maintains strong relationships with farmers in Mexico and across Latin America, and is in charge of integrating Latin American suppliers onto the Producers Market platform.

David Green, Sales Manager is a world traveler, commercial sailor, and healthy lifestyle specialist. He manages and coordinates the sales relationships of our Producer and Buyer partners from our platform. He oversees the logistics and fulfillment of orders.

Jethren Phillips, Director CPG (Consumer Packaged Goods) is founder and former CEO of Spectrum Naturals, which was acquired by Hain Celestial in 2008 and current President of New Organics, a leading supplier of bulk and packaged organic processed goods to international markets. Phillips organizes CPG wholesale formats for customers to the Producers Market Platform.

Christopher Robb, Director of Branding is a visionary brand concept designer and is overseeing the development of the Producers Market and other company owned brand entities. Chris is one of the founders of New Barn, a non-dairy alternative company featuring innovative products like almond milk, with national distribution, and In-House Creative, a leading design firm for brands and branded products in the organic industry. He is also a partner in a recently launched investment fund targeting the food industry, with his brother Ted and father Walter.