Intermittent Fasting

by Fiamma Barbieri

Intermittent Fasting remains a controversial topic to this day. Because of this, it's a good idea to reasearch and educate ourselves on its benefits or contraindications, to be able to build induvidual, and informed opnions on the matter.

The whole premise consists on modifying our eating schedule in such a way that our daily food intake is contained within a smaller time frame, and we are left with a prolongued fasting period. Fasting is not new(or strange), as we technically do it every day, given that the time lapse between last night's dinner, and next day's breakfast, is a 'fasting' period.

The average person will fast approxiamtely 9-10 hours during that time frame. The ideal time frame suggested by 'intermitent fasting', as to get all of its benefits, is around 14.

If we go back in time we actually get to see that people alive during older civilizations did not eat three times a day. They would do it once, or whenever there was food available. The idea of explicitly eating three times a day surges during the industrial revolution where breakfast becomes essential to withstand the brutal upcoming labour, followed by luncheon, which was an already established meal, and later, dinner to keep on working with the new electric lights.


The main benefit is the stabilzation of the abdominal zone. A resting period clear of disturbance. Given this break, our body can take its time our regenerate fully, allowing us to pour energy elsewhere.

It's been proven that Intermitent Fasting, and caloric restriction, prolong our life expectancy, and prevent neurodegenerative diseases due to the benefits our neurons get from it. Independently from that, it's also a great strategy to improve the health of overweight individuals. Similarily, different investigations and studies performed on both animals and humans, show us that intermitent fasting(adapted to patients) works wonders during treatment of illnesses like cancer.

Added to these benefits, is the time that is granted to the digestive system to regenerate itself, and rest. Given how constantly it's working to accomplish digestion.