Welcome to the Producers Market Blog

Introduction Part 1

by Keith Agoada

Hello everyone, my name is Keith Agoada. I am a co-founder of Producers Market. We've started this blog for our team to share experience and information as it relates to the supply chain of organic and healthy lifestyle.

My job is to manage relationships with farmers, packers, processors and buyers. We are working to develop direct value chain programs in the organic, non-gmo space.

Keith Agoada
Keith Agoada

About two to three times per month I get to travel to Latin America to visit their farms and facilities.

I continuously travel to cities and countrysides in Latin America, and communicate regularly with buyers of bulk organic materials.

Over the last three years I started to take photos with my iPhone which I share with friends and family on WhatsApp and Instagram.

I've launched this blog so that I can connect with a larger audience and also to put some more context to the images I capture. Many of the experiences I will be sharing have shaped my personal, professional and spiritual growth.

The photography is certainly amateur, and the writing as well. My creative teammates take more professional photos mostly of farms and food which I will be sharing here also.

I write these blog posts on airplanes, hotel rooms, at my office in Santa Rosa, California or wherever I can get a quiet moment to reflect on my experience.