Visit to Valle Verde

Commercial Organic Pineapple Grower in Costa Rica

Keith Agoada

Valle Verde Farm

Valle Verde has one of the most impressive large scale organic farming operations that I have encountered in Latin America. The company grows organic pineapples on 400 hectares of certified organic land in Pital, Costa Rica. It is a professionally managed, systematic operation that produces a consistently high quality organic pineapple for fresh export internationally, and for the sister company's IQF (frozen chunk) operation.

Valle Verde had to overcome some serious obstacles in the last few years. The company was wrongly accused by its competitors of shipping conventional pineapples as organic to international markets. These accusations were taken seriously and a detailed investigation took place on Valle Verde's fruit and operations.

At the end of this process, in the last few months, Valle Verde was cleared of all charges and has regained its standing as an organic certified pineapple exporter. It's unfortunate that the Valle Verde team had to go through this experience, but at the end, it gives more confidence to their clients that their fruit is legitimately organic, and there is no messing around.

Valle Verde has figured out how to mass produce one of the most difficult organic crops to cultivate in the tropics. The pineapple is a bromeliad and is traditionally found in shady areas. Cultivating the fruit on a large scale comes with a large risk of nematodes, insect pests and other diseases. A strict regiment of preventative measures is required in order to maintain consistent outputs without losses from plagues and diseases.

Organic Pineapple