Visit to Michoacan Part 4

Organic Avocado Grower / Packer in Michoacan, Mexico

Keith Agoada

For the last three years our team has been working with one of Mexico's finest organic avocado growers, Alejandro Chavez. Alejandro is the little brother of Leonel Chavez and he has been growing organic avocados for almost ten years. Like Leonel he uses a combination of permaculture, organic and biodynamic growing practices to achieve an ecological balance on his farm.

Alejandro Chavez's Avocado Farm
Alejandro Chavez's Avocado Farm

Last year Alejandro opened his own packing facility to compliment his 150+ hectares of organic avocado production. He is now packing both conventional and organic avocados from his farm and others for wholesale export.

Alejandro invested in his packing facility to add a vertical to his operation. Alejandro was tired of waiting in line at other packing houses, and not being able to control the quality of his "pack" for clients. He was ready to control his own destiny and decided to invest his profits into this state of the art facility.

The facility has modern sorting and refrigeration technology and is able to pack more than 10 loads of avocados in one day. With ample storage space, Alejandro's packing business has room for lots of growth into the future. Alejandro can be a man of few words at times, but the quality of his fruit and packing speaks for itself.

Since it's opening, our team has represented the facility and have helped Alejandro sell his loads of avocados directly to distributors in the United States. Alejandro packs the avocados under his 'AC Avocados' brand and also under the brand of his clients in the United States and elsewhere domestically and internationally.

This was my first tour of the facility and I was impressed with how much progress has been made as he begins the second year of operations. Still the office remains to be completed but the infrastructure is equipped and functional.

In additional to selling Alejandro's packed fruit, we also commonly contract Alejandro to be a contract packer of organic avocados for Leonel's Michoacan Organics brand. We like to 'keep it in the family' whenever possible and bring Leonel and his family's fruit to Alejandro's facility.

As season two ramps up, we are enthusiastic to have solved a lot of first season issues and push forward offering his organic and conventional avocados from Michoacan to buyers in the United States, Europe and Asia.

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