Visit to Caño Cristales in La Macarena, Colombia

A Tourism Stop in Colombia

by Keith Agoada

Caño Cristales - Colombia
Caño Cristales - Colombia

On my first ever visit to Colombia I stayed a night at a hostel in Bogota. In my bedroom there was a poster of a place called "Caño Cristales." I couldn't believe that this place from the poster was real.

Caño Cristales has a color changing plant species that turn different shades of red based upon the time of year, currents, temperature and other variables. Furthermore the minerals in the water settle in the bottom of the river and create a vibrant gold color. And on special days, legend has it the river will have 7 colors at one time!

A couple years after this first visit, I decided to take a detour from visiting farmers in Colombia to do some tourism at the Caño Cristales. Only a few years ago tourism to this location was too dangerous since it was a strong hold of the FARC and drug cartels. But as part of a recent agreement the area was given back to the country and recognized as a militarized safe zone.

My adventurous side kicked into full gear and I booked the flight to Caño Cristales with my cousin Josh who was visiting from Arizona.

It was truly one of the most spectacular and surreal natural experiences of my life. It could only be described in photos, which don't it proper justice.

The experience ended in sitting under a waterfall, feeling fully immersed in the moment.

Colombia is blessed with physical beauty that is unique and world class. I feel blessed to do farm sourcing in such an amazing country that offers these types of tourism adventures.

Caño Cristales - Colombia
Caño Cristales - Colombia