The Time has Come to Pay Farmers Properly

by Keith Agoada

The people who grow our food ought to be paid properly, and not just the people who own the land and pay the workers, but the field workers themselves.

Being a farmer is hard work! It requires consistent physical and mental energy in order to care for crops. Furthermore to be a farmer is to surrender to forces that one cannot control. A farmer can do their best to prepare for success, but there are storms, infestations, crazy neighbors, volatile market conditions and other obstacles that are beyond their control and can greatly impact revenues, costs and profitability.

Once crops are harvested and sold, often times the buyers will delay or discount payments making it difficult for farmers to plant their crops for the next season.

I know this next statement is obvious, but it should be something we remember at every meal of our lives... Farmers are the people that grow the food we eat. Their efforts eventually become our organs, our brains, our cells, our life force. It is what our children put into their bodies. To systematically disrespect and disregard the people who grow our food is to disrespect ourselves.

It's about time that the prices we pay farmers reflect the value that they are contributing to society. Just because it's a profession that 'anyone can do' and doesn't necessarily require a degree from a prestigious University, it doesn't mean it should be a disrespected an uncompensated action.

People who dedicate their lives to create abundance for the rest of us need to be celebrated by the rest of society, and this celebration doesn't just come in the form of saying grace at a meal, or making a Facebook post. It comes in the form of paying them really well for their efforts and the products created. This is an excellent step for human evolution.

Peasant farmers have been screwed across cultures and societies around the world for thousands of years. This is a mirror reflecting the deep rooted sickness of our culture, and the inability of humanity to properly value and respect themselves.

Our purpose in founding PMKT Holding Co, the @ag transactional coin, and the @token digitized assets is to create a new structure that properly compensates farmers. We believe that if farmers (especially organic farmers) are taken care of economically, more people will chose to go into the farming profession, and there will be more abundance of organic food for everybody.