South Korea Demand for Avocados is On the Rise

by Keith Agoada

South Korea Avocado Demand
South Korea Avocado Demand

In the last few months we've received several inquiries from fruit importers in South Korea in search of a steady supply of Hass avocados from Mexican origin.

When we got our first inquiry from Seoul a few months back we didn't think too much of it.

But after additional emails came to our team, we decided to do some research and look further into the topic.

We'd known about the avocado growth in China for some years, but we hadn't heard much about South Korean and the accelerated demand for conventional and organic avocados.

As it turns out, South Korea is becoming a growing destination for wholesale avocados from Mexico and other parts of Latin America.

We found a great article from which highlights just how powerful the growth in demand is from South Korea. Here are some of the statistics that we have found:

2017 imports to reach 5000 tons in 2017 up from 2915 tons in 2016.

Sixfold increase in hass avocado imports from 2010 to 2016.

In 2010 there were only 457 tons of hass avocado imports.

Leading Korean retail chain Lotte Mart says avocados rank 6th on the list of most popular fruits sold, up from 11th in 2015.

We also found some articles regarding South Korea's interest in signing a free trade agreement with Mexico in order to increase the volume and decrease the cost of shipping agricultural and food products from Mexico to South Korea. Avocados were cited as one of the major crops of interest to South Korea.

Here is one such example.