Simply Natural Organic Mango Farm and Investment

3 Years Later

by Keith Agoada

Simply Natural Organic Mango Farm
Simply Natural Organic Mango Farm

I admit that when the owners of Simply Natural told me four years ago that they were going to plant a massive organic mango farm I was a bit skeptical. I trusted their skills and vision. The property they acquired was beautiful and ideal, but I knew how difficult organic commercial mango production can be.

Well three years later, everything looks amazing. These guys really nailed it!

The ponds that were constructed have filled with rainwater, the initial trees looks very strong and healthy, all the paths are well constructed, the nursery is thriving, and the fertilizer programs seem to be working extremely well.

The views are as beautiful as ever. I am really excited for their commercial harvests of Lady Victoria mangos to begin so that I can eat them myself. It's truly one of the best varieties of mango I've ever tried and it will be extra special since I remember seeing the first mango trees when they were planted a few years ago.

The farm has come a long way, but I'm sure a few years from now, the farm today will look like a shell of what is to come.

I took a bunch of photos to share with you. I recommend visiting the farms if you are interested in buying an investment, buying fruit, or just genuinely interested in commercial tropical agriculture.