Simply Natural Farms

More Photos and Additional Perspective

by Keith Agoada

Organic Mango

I've attached some more images from the Simply Natural farm in Panama taken by their team. These photos include the nursery, plantains, and the organic mangos at different ages.

Simply Natural has hit their three year mark since their first Lady Victoria mango tree was planted at their new farm in Coclé, and the plants look happy and healthy.

The mango harvest season in Panama is around May to August each year. This past year, Simply Natural made their first harvests. It wasn't for commercial markets since the harvests were sparingly, and minimal.

Starting the 2018 season and beyond, the company will increase harvests and begin to sell their fruit commercially; fresh to domestic and international markets, and processed in dried form for international customers.

Simply Natural is already harvesting their organic certified plantains and selling them domestically to leading supermarket chains Grupo Rey, RibaSmith, and Machetazo.

Simply Natural Farms

It's worth noting that the images are very 'green.' The grass surrounding the mango trees and climbing up the hills in the valley are bright green. However, for much of the year, the color is a golden color. This gold color is a natural occurrence. The Simply Natural mango and lime farms are located in a region of Coclé, Panama known as the dry arch. From December to May, for about six months, its common for there to be little to no rain. The intense equator sun will dry up much of the life, often taking away the green color to the landscape.

Mango trees are drought tolerant, and in fact, to get ideal fruiting, and high quality fruit, a period of drought can help. The Lady Victoria mango has been perfectly adapted to this micro regional climate, and we are anticipating organic mango yields that will go beyond the projected totals. However, the agriculture engineers at Simply Natural have decided to install a sophisticated irrigation system in the mango fields in order to assure a controlled growing environment and harvest results.

Plantains are a crop that harvests in 9-10 months and they also have been installed with a controlled irrigation technology that is both efficient and effective with the water and nutrients.

In the industry consistency of harvest quality and volume is critical. Confidence is gained, and deals are won and lost with consistency. Simply Natural is taking the steps to achieve consistent yields of their crops at the highest quality for domestic and export markets.

Simply Natural Farms

Visit to Organic Avocado Farm in Michoacan, Mexico
by Keith Agoada

In August I had the privilege of spending three days in Michoacán, Mexico visiting with Leonel Chavez, Owner and CEO of Michoacan Organics an export wholesaler dedicated to organic avocado supply chain and sales to the United States.

Leonel is a pioneer in organic avocados in Mexico with more than 20 years experience grow