A Quick look into Amazonas Agriculture

by Chabeli Chain

There are many ways to develop self-sustaining communities but agriculture development is a common theme throughout. Being born and raised in Amazonas-Venezuela gives one a different perspective of organic agriculture development because it is a common activity for the sustenance of large indigenous communities; knowing the fertility of the soil and applying the knowledge of their ancestors to their farming practices.

Venezuela has a tropical savannah climate and spacious "conucos" (pieces of land dedicated to growing) which are developed to provide the ingredients of the traditional kitchen, mainly roots, bananas, fruits and vegetables. This activity provides sustenance for the local communities while the commerce from the sale of the natural products helps sustain the communities financially. Activity that has undoubtedly guaranteed the nutrition and sustenance of communities.

Education in the practice of organic agriculture will help different cultures develop their land, communities and even countries, from the smallest grower to the largest producers, giving nutrition, quality of life and greater sustenance. To promote this activity is to support the balance of nature on the earth, and humanity's needs.