PMA Fresh Summit 2017

The Most Important Fresh Produce Expo in the US - October 19-21

by Keith Agoada

Next week is the highly anticipated PMA Fresh Summit. All the movers and shakers, influencers and industry players will be gathering in New Orleans to meet with existing clients and partners from around the world, and to form new partnerships. It's the who's who in the produce universe.

The event is rather expensive and thus, only those who are serious about produce make it to the event. Many countries invest in booths, with entrepreneurs and exporters from their countries gaining entrance to the expo.

PMA Expo Floor Plan 2017

Many of the major distributors, brands, importers, packing facilities, from North America, and globally will have booths and representatives walking the show.

Buyers from supermarkets, distributors, food service providers, and international importers will be at the show scouting out new supply relationships.

Mexico always has an impressive showing at the event, with the Avocados from Mexico being the impressive centerpiece to the strong Mexican industry. Small growers and packing houses have mini-booth setups within the Mexico section. For my interests it is the most important section that I walk through each year.

I'm also excited to visit the Peru, Chile, Costa Rica and Colombia booths to learn about which growers are represented at the show and what new products and projects are coming online.

Organic continues to be a major trend. Major brands and distributors that may have been late to the game with organic are now making a strong push forward in new organic programs.

Organic and conventional products that I will be looking at this PMA include: avocados, lemons, limes, mangos, pineapples, and exotic fruits.

Following the event I will be sharing some of my feedback and experiences from this years show.

Lingo of the International Fruit Trading Industry

Part 1
by Keith Agoada

Participating in the global trade of fruits and other products, we have had to learn some new language and terminology in order to play the game. Below is our first list of some of the words and phrases we come across in order to communicate properly with buyers, logistics providers, customs brokers, and exporters. Pleas