Nicaraguan Chia Seeds

Wholesale Export Changing Lives of Small Farmers

by Keith Agoada

Cultivation of non-traditional export crops is one proven technique to increase the profitability of small farmers in developing nations. By transitioning from low-value domestic crops to higher value organic certified "superfood" crops, it provides the opportunity for 400% or more increase in profitability for the same amount of energy, time and cost as the traditional cost.

This model of agribusiness has been proven by CAC Trading in Nicaragua. CAC has been organizing small farmers into a cooperative, providing them with seeds and technical support, and then aggregating their productive outputs to reach container-load volumes for direct sales to international clients in the United States and Europe.

Over the past year we have had the opportunity to intimately learn about the organic certified chia seeds, and business model of operation at CAC Trading. CAC's model is one that we find to be quite uplifting, empowering and potentially replicable to other developing farm areas in Latin America and globally. CAC doesn't believe in rewarding free inputs to their farmers without a corresponding action from the farmers. They don't believe that charities to small entrepreneurs supports their ability to achieve their long term economic goals. Instead, everyone in their program has to invest, and work for their profits. In their experience, small rural farmers who get things for free don't experience the same level of success and empowerment as those who are paying for their costs.

CAC Trading has found a lot of success from integrating intensive organic chia seed cultivation into the crop rotation of farmers. Furthermore, by reaching a critical mass of small farmers growing chia seeds CAC Trading has been able to access lucrative export clients in the United States and Europe.

Furthermore CAC Trading's CEO, Ramses Ortega, has educated us on the issues of conventional chia seed that is being sold on the wholesale market as organic certified. The company has performed independent third party lab tests and found there to be illegally high high levels of chemicals that are banned for organic certification.

Given the organic authenticity of the CAC Trading's chia seeds, and their empowering business model of chia seed cultivation, aggregation and exportation, we have become enamored with this approach to rural development.

Starting in 2018 we are excited to list CAC Trading's organic certified chia seeds on Producers Market for sale to importers, distributors and retailers around the world. We feel a strong alignment with the mission, vision and values of CAC Trading. Our goal is to establish direct sales relationships for organic wholesale chia seeds packaged in bulk to leading buyers of superfoods worldwide.