A New Form of Digital Currency Mining

@ag Coin

by Keith Agoada

Digital currency mining reflects the same extractive primitivism as does the mining of coal, gold, or other natural resources. Once the tulip bulb craze for BitCoins is revealed for what it is, the system will be replaced by one which is logical and uplifting to the human spirit.

Here is one of our ideas for mining systems in which applicable value is mined, and the value corresponds to the positive impact the value has on greater society. This is just a rough draft diagram, but we are sharing it to get your feedback and input! We call it the "@ag coin mining distribution process" which is integrated with our Externality Correction Incentive bonus to compensate for the sustainability impact of the mined value production.

@ag Coin Mining Distribution Process
@ag Coin Mining Distribution Process


*Please note, I am not an economist! These are just my opinions and reflections as a student of business and a lover of humanity and the

posted by Keith Agoada