Michoacan Organics Limes

Organic Persian Limes for Export from Mexico

by Keith Agoada

Our team is very happy to announce that our next branded Michoacan Organics product will be Persian Limes.

Around eight months ago our team was notified by buyers that there was a major shortage in organic limes for much of the year. Lime farmers in Mexico are relatively dispersed and unorganized. In the main production region of Veracruz, growers of limes often only have 1-5 hectares of production.

Unlike avocados which has a strong marketing association, organized cooperatives and certified organic farms, lime growers have a long way to go.

Where most see obstacles, Leonel Chavez, founder of Michoacan Organics, sees opportunity. As a lime grower himself earlier in his life, Leonel knows what it takes to grow commercial grade organic Persian limes. He also knows what is required to educate growers on organic practices, and how to manage proper logistics and traceability.

Leonel Chavez, Michoacan Organics Persian Limes
Leonel Chavez, Michoacan Organics Persian Limes

Leonel is a pioneer in organic agriculture in Mexico for over 20 years. Many farmers from around the country of Mexico know and respect Leonel for what he has done organizing workshops, and providing free support to growers looking to get into organic and biodynamic agriculture in Mexico.

Leonel is driven by justice. He believes that farmers ought to be paid respectable prices for the hard work and risks taken in growing their products. He understands that the more organized growers are, the better the prices they are able to achieive.

With this motivation, Leonel and his team on the ground in Mexico have been organizing workshops for organic lime production. He is preparing growers to get certified and increase yields using better growing practices.

Within the next 60-90 days Leonel and his Michoacan Organics team will be shipping out organic certified Persian limes from Veracruz, Mexico, with other regions to come online in 2018. The new Michoacan Organics Limes box is currently being designed, and we will be sure to share it with you as soon as it's complete.

If you are interested in limes for your business, you can contact Leonel and his team at info@michoacanorganics.com to begin organizing your orders for Organic Persian Limes directly from the source in Mexico.