Michoacan Organics Harvest Bins

by Keith Agoada

Michoacan Organics Bins
Michoacan Organics Bins

Our team, and Leonel Chavez are super proud of our Michoacan Organics brand, and what it represents.

For Leonel Chavez the Michoacan Organics brand represents a powerful vision for farming in which organic agriculture is a driver for positive economic and social force for farmers, consumers, and communities. It is built around his growing techniques that he refers to as "Farming for Life." As a commercializer of avocados and other fruits from Mexico Leonel is concerned with the life of his farm, the life of his farm workers, and the life of consumers. He wants to create systems of agribusiness that are regenerative and working toward harmony, and transparency.

He believes all of this can be done while also achieving a comfortable profit via the elimination of leeching intermediaries and using more efficient techniques for fertilizers, and integrated pest management which reduces costs for farmers.

When ordering new harvest bins at his farms, Leonel made sure to order bins that have his Michoacan Organics logo branded on them. Leonel's pride for Michoacan Organics can be seen in every harvest.