Flores el Capiro

Visit to a World Class Cut Flower Grower in Antioquia, Colombia

by Keith Agoada

Colombia's export promotions department ProColombia sponsored me on a visit to Colombia to meet with a range of agricultural enterprises in different departments (or states in Colombia.)

On this trip I was fortunate to be connected with a leading flower grower in Colombia called Flores el Capiro.

Capiro was named the winner of the International Grower of the Year 2017 by the AIPH (International Association of Horticulture Producers) at the yearly event held this year in Germany. It is a prestigious award and is well deserved. The company is innovative, a pioneer, and maintains incredible quality, price and consistency.

Flores El Capiro Packing Facility
Flores El Capiro Packing Facility

Capiro grows an impressive 80 varieties of flowers commercially. The company packs and ships their own flowers from their facilities located about 45 minutes outside of Medellin near Rio Negro. The company is truly an innovator in the floriculture industry. They have a breeding program in which they are creating their own proprietary flower varieties.

They are especially known for the following varieties: Hydrangea, Button, Cushion, Fillers, Novelty, Spider, Cremon, Daisy, Santini and Tinted flowers.

Capiro has mastered international flower logistics. Over many years of trial and error they have figured out how to ship cut flowers by boat using climate controlled cooling technology. This allows them to ship more cost effectively around the world while maintaining an excellent quality and shelf life.