Exporting with Coopeassa in Costa Rica

Pineapple Translucency Chart

by Keith Agoada

Costa Rica

Coopeassa is a leading organic cooperative in Costa Rica It has been in the business of growing organic banana and organic coffee for almost ten years.

In 2016 the company expanded into organic pineapple production.

Since then, I have built a relationship with their executives and team supporting their marketing and sales for the US market.

October 15th is approximately the date of the first harvest for organic pineapple export. As part of the preparation I was asked "what translucency does the buyer want?"

It's a great question, and one that is actually quite common in the pineapple world.

Pineapples from Costa Rica are often shipped for 14 or more days from harvest until the time it reaches its customers in the United States, Canada and Europe.

As such, buyers instruct their packing facilities to 'pick green' so that the quality can withstand the travel time.

Many buyers want a 0.5 to a 1 color which means it is just starting to sightly break the golden color. The idea is that it will maintain proper bric (sugar) content while maximizing the shelf life.

This is a great chart from Don Edwards at University of California, Davis that clearly explains the difference in pineapple color coding.

If you let the pineapple ripe naturally you can arrive at the deep gold color. This is the other extreme and is not advised by marketers. While this pineapple may taste great, it doesn't hold well and must be eaten rapidly.

Pineapple Translucency Chart
Pineapple Translucency Chart