Cultivation in Michoacán, Mexico

An Ecological Balance in Organic Avocado

by Keith Agoada

Michoacán Organic Farm
Michoacán Organic Farm

On Leonel's organic Haas avocado farm in Mexico you won't find a well manicured farm. It certainly doesn't look like the monoculture almond or citrus orchards you see when you drive up and down route 5 in the Central Valley of California.

To the untrained eye, Leonel's farm looks like a messy, unkempt perhaps even abandoned, avocado orchard. A diversity of weeds grow wild, several avocado trees around the property are sick and overrun with pests and the pine forest encroaches onto the farming area.

After spending an afternoon, or several afternoons, walking the farm with Leonel, you learn that there are no accidents. Everything from the weeds, to the containers of fermentations, to the biological corridor, and insects is designed.

Leonel practices the fundamentals of organic agriculture, and integrates it with techniques of permaculture, agroecological systems, and biodynamics. He takes a holistic perspective, and always looks for ways to create a stable ecological environment.

He has invented a system called "Farming for Life." In this system he does not use any repellants or biopesticides that are meant to kill insects. There are numerous organic certified solutions that are meant to control pests with killing. Leonel doesn't believe in this path. He believes that pests can be consistently controlled via creating a balance so that all elements of the farm are in their right place. Fungus stays in the ground when they are in balance, and pests keep to the biological corridor.

The weeds that grow tall are actually a diversified cover crop routine that aims to maximize insect biodiversity, while adding fertility and top soil to the ground.

Leonel is a master of organic and biodynamic avocado cultivation.

Michoacán Organic Farm
Michoacán Organic Farm