Citrus Exports from Mexico have an Important Role in Global Markets

Mexico is the Leading Grower and Exporter of Limes

by Keith Agoada

For many years I was a typical "gringo" and thought limes were only useful for Corona beer, margaritas, mojitos, and guacamole. But in the last nine years being based in California I've gained a deeper appreciation for the lime. I often start the day by mixing fresh squeezed lime juice with room temperature water, and I often use it in salads (as part of a dressing). I've also seen it become popular with a lot of seafood dishes like ceviche.

Anyway, it seems that I'm not alone in the growth in popularity of limes, like lemons. The wholesale demand for containers of lemons and limes in the US has been increasingly steadily.

Our team has been gaining interest in organic citrus exported from Mexico to the United States and Europe. We see this as a growing market demand given the health benefits of lemons and limes, and the lack of organic production in Florida.

In researching lemon and lime markets we came across a well researched article from We've summarized the key statistics below and have included a link to the article.

  • 2017 global lemon and lime production reached 7,252,000 tons.

  • Mexico is the leading lemon and lime producer with 2.4 million tons per year.

  • Mexico exports 630,000 tons of lemons and limes per year.

  • US is the largest importer, 640,000 tons per year.