Amsterdam Produce Show & Conference

November 15-17, 2017

by Keith Agoada

Our team is interested in attending this produce show in Amsterdam November 15-17. Holland is well known in the produce industry for being a leading buyer and trader of fresh produce sourced from around the world.

Rotterdam is one of the most important ports for agricultural imports in the world. Product that arrives in Rotterdam is shipped all across Europe and beyond.

In our industry having sales outlets for buyers in Rotterdam is seen as critical by larger scale growers/packers/exporters.

Our team has been learning about rising demands of organic produce from tropical and sub tropical regions in Europe, and especially within the German, and Swiss markets.

The United States is an obvious market for Latin American farmers. The size of the market, and geographic proximity is a major advantage. Although Europe is a larger travel distance for Latin American growers, it is still a key export location which is preferred by many growers. European prices tend to be higher, and with more diversified distribution.