A Visit to Butuan City aka "Durian City"

Heaven on Earth

by Keith Agoada

Durian Fruit
Durian Fruit

When I stepped out of the airport in Butuan City in the Philippines I knew I had come to a special place. The first two things I noticed were that the taxis said "Durian City" and there was a huge statue of a durian!

It's true, despite the wretched smell, I am a durian freak. I absolutely love durian. I seek it out at specialty supermarkets in Panama and California, and have spent up to $45 on one durian fruit even when my bank account was low.

It's a fruit that has a creamy texture, succulent flavor, that can only be described as durian. In many parts of Southeast Asia the durian is considered a delicacy, a way of life.

Butuan City is one of those places. I too would like to construct a statue of durian to show my respect to the Durian Gods. It's a fruit that elevates my spirit, and brings me a deep peace.

I was visiting Butuan to get some tours of coconut plants for export development purposes. However, I was also in Butuan to eat durian and visit durian farms.

I was able to visit a small durian farm up in the hills. While there was no ripe durian, I did get to see the fruit growing in its ideal condition. I asked the small farmer the key to growing durian, they were confused about my question because at their farm, it just grows! No pesticides, no fertilizer, they just harvest it when it is ripe.

After my farm visit I was dropped at my hotel and I quickly asked around for where I can go and buy some Durian. To my amazement, there is a small market in Butuan City dedicated entirely to the sale of fresh and frozen durian. What a blessing!

I grabbed a taxi and headed straight to the market.

I found heaven on earth... I went to the first stand and bought a fresh durian. With a huge smile, I ate the first durian and ordered a second one! I took my time on the second one as to be careful to not overdose.

I then proceeded to buy another package of frozen durian to take back with me to my hotel. Back at my hotel I had to pass through security. However, I was stopped in my tracks by the security person who was looking for durian in my bags!

He found it, and made it clear I would have to leave my durian in the outside refrigerator as it was the hotel policy that no one was allowed to enter the hotel with durian, as the smell could upset other hotel guests.