A Hike up India Dormida Mountain

El Valle, Panama

by Keith Agoada

El Valle
El Valle

Last week I hiked up the India Dormida in El Valle de Anton, Panama to visit friends, get some exercise and harvest some organic citrus for personal consumption.

This hike is one of my favorite places to visit. El Valle de Antón is a habited volcano about 2 hours from Panama City. I've been coming here a lot the last three years.

In the tropics I find that the 600-800 meter altitude range is very beautiful. It's around 70-80 degrees in El Valle most of the year.

My friends Maria and Dario live at the top of India Dormida. I like to visit them, enjoy the views, and buy some of their organic produce they grow in small quantities.

On this visit the organic mandarins were in full force! I paid $5 and filled up a plastic bag with the orange and green colored fruit.

They were delicious! The rich volcanic soil and clean rainwater is the perfect combination for growing flavorful fruits.